This skateboarding reporter is going viral for all the right reasons


Victor Williams, a Detroit news reporter is going viral on Thursday for a simple report he filed from a local skatepark. That sounds pretty boring on the surface, but wait for it …

Williams, on live TV, in a suit, and having the swagger to report from location WHILE skating at the same time was simply astonishing. He left his anchors speechless who couldn’t believe their colleague was such a good skater, and able to multitask to this level.

It’s awesome to see someone connected to his community share a personal story from his life and prove that he’s the right man for the job. I skated as a kid, but I absolutely couldn’t do this — or have the guts to skate live without being terrified I was going to bail and become a laughing stock.

Now Williams is relishing in the new-found stardom. His Twitter account is pure joy as people in the industry celebrate this amazing skills, and restaurants offer him free meals. It must feel good to be this cool.

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