Tickford takes action after Bathurst burns


Le Brocq sustained serious burns to his right foot during the Supercars season-opener, a blister after Saturday’s race worsening to the point that he lost feeling during Sunday’s race.

The issue has since been traced back to Le Brocq’s height, which means his foot is hard up against the firewall when he’s at full throttle.

While he was the only of Tickford’s three drivers to suffer bad burns at Bathurst, Le Brocq says additional heat shielding has been added to all of the team’s Mustangs ahead of this weekend’s Sandown SuperSprint.

“Because I’m quite tall, with my seating position I’m a little bit more stretched out,” Le Brocq explained. 

“At full throttle my foot is almost on the firewall. It was quite warm at Bathurst and a lot of wide-open throttle as well. The guys have put a lot more work into heat shielding to try and prevent that for myself and have even transferred it to other cars. We should be right for now.”

As for the recovery, Le Brocq spent several weeks on crutches while undergoing silver dressing treatment overseen by Supercars medical delegate Dr Carl Le. 

He can now walk normally, his only concern some areas that haven’t fully healed on the side of his right foot.

However he’s confident it won’t affect him this weekend, Le Brocq even planning to stick with right-foot braking.

“It’s come up well,” he said. “Dr Carl and the others at Knox Hospital looked after me well. 

“They gave me the silver dressing and it mended up well. I was on crutches for a couple of weeks but I’m all good now and I’ve got a boot back on it. It’s not too [painful]. It’s more of an uncomfortable, throbbing feeling. Underneath has healed up faster than the side, the side of my foot is the bit that hasn’t healed up yet. But other than heel-and-toeing you don’t really use that. 

“It will be one of those things, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning in practice. I can’t imagine it’s going to be an issue.”

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