Too cute not to be missed


Anthony Vaccarello
Saint Laurent Rive Droite x nanoblock, French Bulldog

It doesn’t hurt to have a teeny tiny bit of fun once in a while, right? And that’s what Saint Laurent is going to do with its latest Rive Droite collection, reminding us of our childlike innocence with its collaboration with the Japanese toy brand, nanoblock. Like all the other Rive Droite collections released previously, the brand looking to expand beyond just fashion and to curate a lifestyle around Saint Laurent.

For this new lineup, Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello has designed three exclusive miniature blocks featuring palm trees, a French bulldog, and a star guitar. They are all designed with “unparalleled precision, sophistication and detail,” these collectibles are more than just toys, they will be the perfect home decor to inject some playfulness into your living space.

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