Trillions of dollars are at stake in the climate war. How to invest around it


The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy, in the midst of their ICESCAPE mission, retrieves supplies for some mid-mission fixes dropped by parachute from a C-130 in the Arctic Ocean.

Kathryn Hansen | NASA | Reuters

Climate change is set to take center stage as the key global theme over the coming decades with geopolitical dominance and trillions of dollars on the line, according to Bank of America. And with companies across sectors tackling the climate crisis, there’s no shortage of ways for investors to put their money behind a greener future.

“Following the trade and tech wars of recent years, we expect the next chapter in US-China tensions to be climate wars,” the firm said in a recent not to clients. “It’s not just about saving the planet. We believe climate strategies offer a route to global supremacy, as much more is at stake.”

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