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TV & Movie Posters Under $50

TV & Movie Posters Under $50

Though the idea of hanging art in homage to your favorite film or director may seem cheesy, we’re here to make a case for canonizing TV and movie posters in formal home decor. And if you’re still mourning the decline of MoviePass or addicted to leaving Letterboxd reviews, chances are this roundup is right up your alley. In our search for the most attractive television and movie posters, we were captivated by the volume of stylish options out there, many designed by independent artists and small businesses. So, whether you’re still catching up on last year’s Oscar nominations or you’ve watched the entire Criterion Collection twice over, why not flex your superior taste in cinema with watchlist-inspired art that’s both visually intriguing and design-forward? To really get your space ready for its Hollywood close-up, scroll through our poster picks for some of the best TV shows and movies of the past and present (and stream all these TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix).

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