Twitter Publishes New ‘Global Impact’ Report to Highlight its Positive Impact Efforts


Twitter has published its first-ever Global Impact Report, which highlights the company’s efforts to positively impact various key areas, including its internal operations, external donations, environmental projects and more.

As explained by Twitter:

“The report aims to showcase Twitter’s work across corporate responsibility, sustainability, and philanthropy. It’s a big step in our commitment to sharing more about the work we know is important to the people we serve – from our employees, to partners, investors and the people around the world who use Twitter.” 

The 50-page report covers five key areas of focus for the company’s social good efforts.

Twitter Global Impact Report

As you can see, Twitter’s work is focused on both internal and external projects, with the report highlighting the various elements in detail.

A big focus within this is Twitter’s on-platform rules, and protecting users where possible. Twitter, like all social platforms, has faced various challenges on this front of late, in working, for example, to determine what political speech to allow, and what should be removed for the public good.

Such elements are factored into this new overview of its efforts: 

Twitter Social Impact Report

Twitter also highlights its internal staffing goals on diversity and inclusion, including its longer-term aims in workforce equality.

Twitter Social Impact report

The report also covers the platform’s environmental efforts and group philanthropic projects.

Twitter Social Impact report

It’s a comprehensive overview of Twitter’s various initiatives, and while there’s nothing new announced within the document, it’s an interesting overview of Twitter’s broader scale work on various key fronts.

Twitter’s been working to improve inclusion and contribution to elements like its rules, and approaches to other on-platform elements. Which hasn’t always worked out, but it’s admirable that Twitter is looking to be more open in this respect, as it seeks to empower users within such process.

This new overview encapsulates Twitter’s more open, optimistic approach to community, and the power that social platforms have to contribute to these key aspects. It’s an interesting look at Twitter’s approach, on a philosophical level, which, in addition to providing an update on each element, also highlights what Twitter is aiming to achieve more broadly in its efforts.

You can read Twitter’s full Global Impact Report here.

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