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VIDEO: $1,000,000 Flying Yacht


Francis Xavier“This million dollar yacht FLIES!”

Get a load of this million dollar flying yacht by FOILER that can cruise above the chop at 40 knots in full comfort. The hydro-foiling system combined with a novel 740hp hydrostatic propulsion system and ENATA’s custom torpedoes enables the boat to fly 1.5 meters above the water at speed.  Kinda just have to see it in action…PRESS PLAY:

Equipped to the highest standards, offering luxurious features to meet the requirements of the most influential and demanding patrons, FOILER is available in different layouts so that you can build a flying yacht to suit your needs. Whether you’re after family fun, a little (or a lot) of thrill-seeking, or that James Bond appeal, FOILER is a modular platform offering multiple layout options. MORE INFO HERE. James Bond

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