Warren Buffett’s highly anticipated annual Berkshire shareholder letter arrives Saturday


Warren Buffett.

Gerald Miller | CNBC

The world is about to hear from Warren Buffett for the first time in nine months, and the legendary investor could make a wave of headlines.

The 90-year-old chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is set to release his annual shareholder letter Saturday morning along with the conglomerate’s quarterly earnings. The letter from the “Oracle of Omaha” has been required reading for investors for decades, and this year’s statement is especially highly anticipated after a tumultuous year punctuated by an unprecedented pandemic and a historic economic comeback.

The last time we heard from Buffett extensively was at Berkshire’s annual meeting in May 2020, where he assured his loyal following that the “American miracle” always prevails and “nothing can stop America.” Since then, the stock market has rebounded to new highs on the back of massive fiscal and monetary stimulus. The annual letter is a chance for Buffett to offer his fresh outlook.

The world’s most celebrated investor might also weigh in on the speculative trading in markets lately that his longtime business partner Charlie Munger recently criticized. Meanwhile, investors are anxiously waiting for any update on Buffett’s succession plan as well as the “elephant-sized” deal he has yet to make.

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