WhatsApp Adds New option to Preview Voice Messages Before You Send Them


Here’s a simple, but handy addition. Today, WhatsApp has added a new option to preview your voice messages before you send them, so you can feel more confident that you sound as you expect.

If, of course, you’re comfortable hearing your own voice on a recording.

For most of us, hearing our own voice played back can be a jarring experience, as you don’t sound, externally, like you do in your own head. But if you’re over the cringe factor, it could be a handy way to ensure your voice messages are as you intended, which could help improve communication via the option.

Voice messaging is particularly popular in India, where many languages are spoken, but not everyone can read and write every dialect as well as they may be able to interpret such via voice. That’s why Meta has been working to add in more voice features, and may well be why Clubhouse is seeing ongoing success in the Indian market, which is now key to its future growth.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the region, by a big margin, and as such, adding more voice features into the process could be a big help in maximizing utility, and keeping people connecting via WhatsApp messages.

And it could also be handy to re-check what you’re sharing, and ensuring that there’s no room for misinterpretation.

It’s a fairly basic addition, but a potentially valuable one nonetheless.

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