World's Cutest 4-Wheel Drive Camper?


DAIHATSUYou know when you meet a puppy and you just want to roll on the ground and make weird cooing noises? Same vibes with this Indy 727 mini-camper by the Japanese company Indiana RV. It’s actually a Dihatsu Hijet compact truck conversion and its adorable.  The website is all in Japanese but they have some of those spinny interactive 360° photos with zoom, so you can get a better feel for the interior. Also found this funky company in Japan that has a ton of stock for mini-campers…delightful to browse GO HERE.

Main specifications
Base model
Daihatsu: Hijet

Engine gasoline 660cc
Capacity 4 people / 4 people sleeping
Overall length 3,390 mm
Overall width 1,475mm
Overall height 1,990mm
Bed size (bottom) 1,960x1,150 / 1,000mm
Bank bed size (top) 2,120 x 1,180 mm

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